Monday, February 04, 2008

Are you tired of seeing snow on my blog yet? I am. But that's all I got.
Anyone want to fund a tropical vacation for me? Today at noon. The road to my house. Not plowed yet.
There it is. At least the trees look pretty with their frosting on.
I do love the frosty trees
from the garage looking out....
more from the garage. My exercise today was shoveling the entire driveway (except for a small corner) over my lunch hour. It took 40 minutes...
I think that's a pretty good work out.
Oh, sorry about all the snow pictures. Did the groundhog see his shadow?
How long til Spring?


  1. Oh you know i love them snow pictures....keep them coming :)

  2. crazy... you couldn't find snow here to save your life....light coats and rain goloshes are what you need here!!!!!I wish i got some snow...if we got snow like that things would shut down....oh i can dream right!!!!


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