Saturday, February 23, 2008

And some more... From Kirk: GAP Essentials Jeans & a pink shirt
A beach stamp from Bob & Sandy
'cuz they know how much I love the beach! Can't wait to make cards with this one!
New brown crocks from Kirk
And the list just keeps going...
  • Gift card from Sara (and Kelli and Kelsey)
  • Gift card to Olive Garden from friends at work
  • Gift card for Caribou from my friend Dan at work
  • Calls from my girls
  • Call from mom telling me she got me a turquoise & sterling pendent in AZ !!
  • A blog written by Kirk...that was sweet.

Another year older? Yep, you bet, but it beats the alternative....and I'm enjoying life and love and friends and family.


  1. you forgot to include; seeing Brianna at Target :) jkin'

  2. What a fun birthday!!!!! Why is daddy "gray" in that picture it makes him look like a corpse!?

  3. crocs doesn't have a K at the end.... =) love you and can't wait to see you friday!

  4. I wanna play on friday too!!!!! oh...the jeans look great on you!


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