Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yesterday we got about 5 inches of snow (give or take an inch). We all have different ways of approaching the inevitable snowfall here in Minnesota. Some prefer to be outdoors in the snow...

Like my neighbor's horse Silk......then there are others... (like Gabby) who prefer to enjoy the snow from indoors...laying in the sun and dreaming of sunny days by the pool!! ......I like Gabby's approach!

Comments on yesterday......geez was it ever hard to not celebrate Cara's birthday with her yesterday. I did talk with her several times throughout the day ... and during one of those talks she was at Panera....and she happened to mention to me where she was sitting in the restaurant...so I asked her where this Panera was in relation to where she lives. She was very descriptive and told me the street! So, when we ended our phone conversation, I "Googled" Panera in Cincinnati...on the street where Cara was. ( I love Google!)

Next step: I called the restaurant, told them my daughter was sitting there at the counter with her laptop...that it was her birthday...and that I wanted to buy her lunch, or whatever. The woman was very excited about this little surprise for Cara and was happy to help me, so I gave her my Visa number and the plan was in place.

Right after the call, a girl went to the counter, ordered her lunch and the employee I had spoke with said, "your lunch is paid for"....which confused the girl....and then the employee asked her if it was her b'day...with no for an answer, the girl had to pay for own lunch. (Turns out this girl looked very much like Cara! ) The employee then went up to Cara and asked if today was her birthday...with a "yes " answer this time, the Panera employee told her Happy Birthday....gave her a scone & beverage free and put money on a gift card for Cara (no charge for the scone/beverage on the gift card). Unfortunately Cara had already had something for lunch...but next time she goes, lunch will be on mom and dad!

Sometimes a mom just has to be sneaky!


  1. Awww your such a great and thoughtful mom to your kids. I'm sure you brightened Cara's day!!!

    I would have Never thought to do all that. WOW

  2. It was a fun suprise!!!! I'm set at panera for a long time...i will have to visit my "office" more frequently now...grandma got me 25$ there as well...i'll never be with out coffee or soup or high speed internet again!!!!


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