Wednesday, January 02, 2008

We ended 2007 in many wonderful ways.... ...with a "double date" on Saturday night. Dirk, Amy, Kirk and I went to ComedySportz Improv in Uptown, Minneapolis. First we had dinner at Famous Dave's --while listening to the jazz combo playing. A wonderful evening out for us parents. Special thanks to Danae and Nate for taking care of the four children. We came home to a clean house! My awesome children fed the kids dinner, cleaned it up, watched a movie with the young'ns and then put them to bed. I thought it was pretty funny that Nate and Danae were also in bed when we got home around midnight!
...and with a baptism at church on Sunday morning.
Six people were baptized on Sunday morning in the middle school pool!! This was an awesome celebration of lives changed by following Jesus. If you look really close, you can see some of my family in the background in the closeup picture.

....and with 16 people joining us for dinner on Sunday night! We had turkey, mashed potatoes, salad, applesauce, coconut cake (leftovers), and punch! THAT was stretching a meal I'll tell ya! (Thanks to Jaden and Ryan for peeling and cutting potatoes!)
....and with some fun and games LATE at night. Very late at night. Yeah, this was the "no goofing around" picture. You should see the other ones....second thought, not a good idea. There's a reason I didn't post them! (ahem, Nate)

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  1. Way to get out of Rochester for that double date! Sounds like a great time, what wonderful kids you have to help make that happen.


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