Saturday, January 05, 2008

Since I don't have much to blog about, I think I'll play. . .

15 Random Things about me...
  1. I'm pretty sure I could get an Adult ADD diagnosis from 9 out of 10 doctors.
  2. Saturday is my favorite day of the week.
  3. I have handled my chicks leaving the nest better than I thought I would.
  4. I have OCD tendencies (like counting stairs as I go up, can't touch a stair railing, have to wash my hands after shopping....but hand sanitizer gives me the creeps)
  5. I haven't left the continental states (other than going to Canada)
  6. I can flip my eyelids inside out
  7. I used to take shorthand at 240 wpm
  8. I love dogs, esp. golden retrievers - but I don't have one.
  9. I don't know how to work our DVD player, TIVO or our TV.
  10. I almost always have my camera with me.
  11. I used to work as a florist.
  12. I'm starting to not like meat (mostly beef....but a Culver's Butterburger is still ok)
  13. I love being outside --esp. in the summer
  14. I still keep in touch with my 6th grade teacher & our kids 2nd grade teacher
  15. I have 3 chickens that I've raised from chicks.

Now that you've read this, tell me at least 5 random things about YOU!!!


  1. Check my blog....I copied you

    I learned some things about you that I didnt know. I can turn my eyelids inside out too :)

  2. hehe!!! A comment just b/c i know you like them so much!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! And all your randomness even though you think it embarasses us i think it makes you pretty cool!!!!;)

  3. I don't know if I can think of 5 things that I don't already have on my blog or that you don't already know about me. Hmmmmm...
    1. I've never broken a bone
    2. I can't stand a cluttered counter top in my kitchen
    3. I had a pet pig named Jimmy and won first prize in a parade with him.
    4. I hitch hiked once with LPC before we were married
    5. When I iron I have to iron out every wrinkle, that's why I hate to iron.

  4. Interesting and fun to read things about you. I can not remember who your second gread teacher was, it's bugging me. It wasn't Mrs. Weil (sp) was it?.

  5. ....not MY 2nd grade teacher....Cara, Nate & Danae's teacher (they all had the same one).
    I think my 2nd grade teacher was Miss Baker?? Just came to me!

  6. Lets see if I can think of 5 things.
    1. I wash my hands upon arriving home everytime I have been in public, this includs church.
    2. I bring my own pillow when traveling and sleeping over somewhere.
    3. I did not feel complete till I had my fourth child. Then I was too tired to feel much of anything.
    4. I have traveled to more places that I ever dreamt possible.
    5. At 71 I still miss my mom and dad, and would love to talk with them about many things.


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