Thursday, January 31, 2008

Men...take note.
Ladies ...don't you just love the way a man looks in a suit? I love it when my man wears a suit. In contrast, I also love it when he wears jeans and a crisp white button down shirt....or jeans and a plain white t-shirt. Today Kirk had to go to a funeral so he wore a suit to work. I had to leave for work before he got dressed so I pleaded with him to puhleeeease get dressed in his suit before I went to work. He didn't. All day I just thought of how awesome he looked in his suit....and couldn't wait til he got home. Finally when he got home I got a picture of the two of us. I wish I'd taken a picture of just him in his suit. Oh well, next time. time, then I'll make it into an 8x10 !So girls....what CLOTHES do you like to see on men? If you are a Pioneer Woman reader, you probably like chaps...i do too, but Kirk doesn't have any :(


  1. Very hansome picture of the two of you.... I like Kirk in a suit too :)

    Rick doesnt "DO" suits, so I like to check him out in his jeans and flannel shirt with his fleece vest over it. ( I'm like you cheri...I think Chaps would be a good thing, it just aint never gonna happen.

  2. Chaps are a VERY good thing!!!!!! but i'm with my mamma a good pair of jeans and a good fittin' t-shirt are always an excellent choice...and flip flops!!!!


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