Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I've learned to knit!
Before Thanksgiving my very patient friend, Melissa started teaching me to knit. I figured I'd be able to pick up knitting really easy since I already knew how to crochet. Well, truth is, it has been a long battle ...which began with teaching me how to make a slip knot. Yeah, it's true, I had a "knitter's block"....I just made that up. Basically what happened was I could not for the life of me make a basic slip knot to start my project. It took Jackie and Melissa working with me to get this very basic knot. I felt like a total ditz. Sheesh, talk about embarrassing.

Once I mastered the slipknot I was on my way....I thought. I proceeded to work on my washcloth pattern ..alot. (that I found on a blog). Trouble was, I didn't know how to fix my mistakes, or what to do if I missed a stitch. So, everytime I made a mistake, I unraveled the entire project! My family was getting pretty frustrated with me and began telling me things like "you are OCD", "just keep going", "are you EVER going to finish one?" Then, one day, it happened...I finished a washcloth! HOWEVER...I couldn't really finish it until I learned how to bind off/cast off whatever they call it. So it sat on the needles waiting for someone to show me. Cara had actually shown me how to do it on a previous (poorly done) cloth, but now I was on my own, and I couldnt' remember how. So, I checked out YouTube...and there it was...lessons on binding off!

Take a look at my work below..and be sure to read the post at the end...maybe you can win your very own waffle knit dishcloth!
Count them...3! I'm so excited!
The sage green one with white stripe is my favoriteHere's a close-up of the pattern
Y'all do know that comments are a blogger's crack, right? We need 'em. We crave 'em. If we don't get enough we're out in the bad part of bloggyville searchin' for love at all the wrong blogs. It's sad, y'all. More sad than Brittney on that gurney last week....but I digress.
So, leave a comment telling me if you'd rather "wash" or "dry" dishes...or a funny dishwashing story --and you will be entered in a drawing for a set of my handmade washcloths! Enter Friday at midnight. I'll draw the name on Saturday!
Thanks for reading!!


  1. I love the feel of those dishclothes when you wring um out, they are so absorbant so it just squishes and....oh I dont know, I really dont have a story but tomorrow night we can compare our projects. I have begun Crocheting again, and am on my 2nd dish cloth...Ha Mine arent as fancy as yours...I only work with one color at this point. BORING
    I love the colors that you chose, the sage is so pretty with the light color. Very nice work Cheri!

  2. do i win dish clothes...for that house and sink i don't have....hmmm....well lets see here...i've always preferred washing over drying infact when i was little i actually liked doing dishes would actually ask to do them at peoples houses...back in the day of few and far between dishwasher and all! but yea...i still really don't mind...notice how thats where i went christmas eve straight to the dishes...but please and i mean PLEASE don't ask me to DRY!!!!!

  3. Anonymous8:18 PM CST

    I prefer drying dishes if I'm a guest. This way the hostess can put away items where they belong. At home I prefer to dry, especially if Tom is helping. Tom seems to think everything belongs on the top shelf. Of course this is not totally bad. I know where to look....UP Mom
    Cara, you don't need to dry at G-ma's house.

  4. Just wanted to add.

    Very pretty, good job and I'm proud of you. And try my new password.

  5. Anonymous7:36 PM CST

    very nice. I have no dishwashing stories....only stories of getting sent away from the table for laughing at the dinner table with you!

  6. I prefer to wash..cause I don't like to put them away and besides it cleans my fingernails. Great job, I'm proud of you. I do like the crocheted dish cloths, maybe I'll have to learn how to make them.(But I'm all thumbs)

  7. I realize this is very late but I missed the deadline when I read it.
    My story is I always seemed to have to use the bathroom when it came time to doing the dishes. Sometimes it actually got me out of doing the dishes. I do believe when it came to loading the dishwasher I was always able to fit more in so I didn't have to wash as many dishes. That is still true today.


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