Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Can I resist the lure of consumerism for a year?
Ummm.....I don't think so, but I'm willing to try for a month!

My friend JoLynn and I challenged each other today to do just that. We are not going to buy nothing new for a month (January 8 - February 8). The only exceptions are medicine, underwear, cleaning products and food. I read about this "movement" a few months ago on someone's blog and thought it was a good idea, but was SURE I would never be able to do it. Today there was an article in the Minneapolis StarTribune about it. While I was reading it, JoLynn stopped by my desk...the rest is history....a challenge had begun! To read the article click here. If there is something I THINK I need, I can always buy it used...which will take more work..but it will also make me think harder on whether it is a need or a want.

Last year I made a resolution to TRY to be more "green" and this month long challenge kind of fits with that resolution. Now don't get me wrong...I am no where near a poster child for the environment, but one day after grocery shopping something happened. I was putting plastic grocery bag, after plastic grocery bag in the garbage. I had a plastic bag frenzy going on....the fruit was in plastic, the veggies in plastic, the pistachios in plastic, the meat was in plastic wrap in a plastic bag, there was plastic bags in plastic bags.....I have always hated the plastic bags! I usually ask for paper, particularly the paper bags with the handles (only at HyVee though).

That afternoon I went online and looked up "One Bag At a Time" a name I'd seen once on a black bag someone was checking out with at Target. (I'd written the name on my receipt and kept it in my wallet to look up someday) I ordered myself 10 bags. Now I use them when I grocery shop. I wish I would remember to use them every time I shop, but sometimes I forget to take them into the store (I keep them in the car). HyVee gives me 10 cents per bag credit when I use them! I don't even put my produce in plastic bags anymore, I just put the produce in my black bag and take it to the checkout.
It feels so good to be rid of the plastic!! (when I remember).

I wish I had the guts to do it for a year, but I think a gradual withdrawal from consumerism is best for me. Who knows, maybe JoLynn and I will add another month on in February!
Are you brave enough to join us for a month ...or two???


  1. You are getting so fancy with your blog...a clock that actually runs...how do you know about that stuff.
    Good luck on your buying used only. I know you can do it :)

  2. I think i can do it!!!! Hehe!!! gifts are a challenge though!!!;)


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