Thursday, December 20, 2007

SURPRISE ! While cleaning the kitchen tonight (alone) I turned around and saw these two handsome young men standing before my very eyes. Could it be? Vince and Correy had just sneaked into the house and surprised me....I didn't scream, which I'm sure disappointed them. But I for sure got teary-eyed. They had come to visit ME! I met them through Danae...who has been friends with them for way longer than me...but they came to see me. They even knew Danae wasn't home! Talk about growing up...phew...just look at them! Vince had been interviewing at Mayo Clinic for an intern position. Correy was home on leave from the Navy. Correy came in uniform ....just for me. Truthfully, I was honored. Kirk and I chatted with them for about an hour before Danae came home from work. Pretty brave guys huh?

As Correy and Vince were pulling out of our drive, these four young ladies came to visit Danae. A high school reunion was happening right here at our house! Love it! These girls have been friends since 6th grade (I think)....and they all were on danceline together. Only us women can understand the chatter that is coming from Danae's room as I type here in the living room. Music to my ears.....not so much to Nate's ears though!
Kirk has started with the installation of our new's going over the stove. Can you believe we haven't had a microwave in our kitchen since early summer? (there is one in the garage...long story). Tomorrow I work til 1pm...then I'm off work all next week...hooray! My baby sister Amy (sorry will always be the baby) is coming on Christmas Eve with her hubby Dirk and their four children...Tristan, Brigitta, Jersti & Kale. We can't wait! I'm having the usual Christmas Eve party here....for awhile it looked like we were going to have a small crowd this year...but the numbers are growing!

Until tomorrow.....


  1. Fun are a special lady, (they ALL know it)

  2. CORREY mom. not corey. 2 r's. show's how much you care ;)

  3. ps. the picture of me... NEEDS to be changed. that's just rude.


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