Sunday, December 02, 2007 started very early in the morning, and kept snowing, and snowing, and blowing, then the freezing rain came, then more snow. But we aren't complaining here, no sirreeee.....this is what MinneSNOWta is all about.... ....and then came the moment Kirk had been waiting for.....Plowing with the 4-wheeler! I think he came inside about 4 times and said, "Man, this is so fun"!!! He has NEVER said that about snow removal before, not ever. At least in the 26+ years I've been married to him! He even plowed the yard! I almost expected to see all the snow in the 2.5 acres moved to one spot! You go Kirk! Glad you had so much fun!

When it snows....I can't help but bake. So I started on the Christmas baking...
Let's see if my mom is reading my blog these days..... Mom, trivia question...."Who gave you (and Grandma) this recipe for pecan tarts?" I changed them up a bit by putting chocolate chips in the bottom of the crust and one on top...otherwise they are the original recipe. (FYI..I know who the recipe is from so no fudging on this one!)

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  1. Tons of fun for everyone...The tarts look scrumptious


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