Sunday, December 02, 2007

On Thanksgiving day 30 family members gathered at my sister's house. If my sister Barb and family had joined us there would have been 35 of us together. One thing that really stuck out to me this year is how amazingly comfortable we are at showing affection to one another. It was just so cool to see the little ones crawling up on the laps of the older kids and the older kids not even reacting....because, well, that's just what we do...a little one crawls up on your lap, or a not so little one plops down on your lap, and you just go with it! Me and Jersti, she is the 2nd to youngest of all the cousins
oh yeah, the black fluffy thing....that's Dixie, my sister's Yorkie-poo puppy!

Ian (my cousin's son) wiht Brigitta on his lap, and Nate.
Brigitta looking over Nate's shoulder at the activities
Molly and younger cousin Kale
Jersti often finds her way onto Uncle Kirk's lap.

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