Sunday, December 16, 2007

Meanwhile back at the "ranch".....that's what Kirk calls our place now...."the chicken ranch." Which is totally not true....our house isn't a ranch, it's a multi-level, we only have 3 chickens - which doesn't come close to qualifiying for any kind of "farming or ranching". Truth be told, I wish we did live on a ranch...but not a chicken ranch, even though I'd still want chickens. I would love to live on a real live working ranch with horses and cattle and cowboys! Doesn't that sound fun? Ok, I'd at least like to try it for a week or two!

I here's what's been going on......

Kirk wanted to say he actually "helped" make some he helped my friend Melissa make her cards when she was here last week.
Nate is the official fudge maker at our house so he got busy one day making fudge. Kirk was making his fruitcake at the same time, but I didn't get a pic of that! When I say fruitcake...what he really makes is more a date/nut cake. I love it when the guys are in the kitchen cooking (or cleaning)!
Cara arrived safely home from Cincinnati last Sunday and didn't waste any time making sure we were all healthy! She checked Nate's lungs since he still has a nasty cough. Then she took our blood pressure.
On night when Kirk and I were heading up to bed we noticed none of the kids were we peeked in Nate's room to find the girls hanging out with Nate and watching Polar didn't take long before all 5 of us were lounging in Nate's "guy pad" watching the movie. Ah, a Norman Rockwell moment...

Danae arrived home from Winona State (safely!) on is so good to have all the kids under the same roof again! So much more activity and laughter!

Other stuff.....have I mentioned that Nate and I are taking a pottery class? Next Wednesday is our last class (6th). We've been learning how to "throw" pottery and make bowls, mugs, plates, etc. Nate is very much a natural at this art form. Me, not so much.

Danae got a job for her winter break! She is working as a receptionist at a salon! Her friend's mom owns the salon and needed some help. Danae is in her glory....actually excited to go to work and not have to wear a Culver's uniform!

Cara started working right away on Monday. She is back doing her home care for a severely handicapped girl. It is giving her some great training....good pay....and lots of hours!

Nate is plugging away at his job at the daycare where the kids love him! He also just applied for a job at the Civic Center to be a stagehand or usher. He has an interview on Tuesday! He still has classes...finals are the end of this week...then he is on break too.


  1. Loved your blog Cheri. Yah... isnt it great to have all the kids around, We cant wait till next week when brice arrives.

    If you ever get the ranch, I'd love to help with the crops :)

  2. You are on Jackie! I'll for sure need help with the crops...esp. the hay to feed the cattle/horses in the winter!

  3. Good update Cheri. I love the pictues and that you all watched a movie together in Nate's room, what a sweet family you have :) And if you had a ranch, I would bring in the cows


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