Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I'm confirming it...I'm insane. Who in their right mind would strip wallpaper in their bathroom 21 days before Christmas when there is still shopping, wrapping, shipping, baking and cleaning to do??? Who? Me, the crazy woman....because that is exactly what I did today. I had the day off work, so at 10:00 am I started the process....and at 6pm was just stripping off the last sliver (literally) of paper. Of course then I had to clean up my mess....and it was a huge mess...I'm a very messy stripper! Ha! Sick. Or as Danae would say...."WOW MOM". So, did I do anything else today? Just a load of towels and the rugs from the bathroom. Oh, I cleaned the kitchen twice. And removed the fingernail polish I put on yesterday.
I'll keep you updated on the bathroom progress. Tomorrow will be patching holes and buying paint day.
Did I mention I have carpal tunnel now?


  1. Your crazy and we love you for it!!!! so ambitious...always fun to come home to a "new" house!!!!! ;-)

  2. haha agreed.

    ps. how's the window in my room coming along?? trim? blinds? anything? =)

  3. You are indeed a crazy lady...but so full of energy and great decorating idea's


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