Thursday, December 27, 2007

December 27th....Jersti turns 5!
The day started out very early for Jersti....before 7am I think...but I'm n0t sure since I didnt' get up til 8:30. After breakfast and playing we decided that was long enough to make a 5 year old princess wait to open gifts...sitting in her "birthday girl chair".
Then we all headed to the Rochester Family Y and had fun in the pool.....until.....(see the slide in the background)
.....the birthday girl goes up the little slide the wrong way and bonks her chin. Then birthday girl Jersti, Aunt Cheri and mommy Amy take a little drive to St. Mary's and visit the nice people in the emergency room...(the pic was taken seconds before the "accident".
...mommy and the doctor decided to go with the steri-strips and "super glue" over the trauma of stitches.
The staff at St. Mary's were so nice to her. Two doctors and 3 nurses came in to sing happy birthday to her...just before they "glued" her "booboo". Jersti was a champ and earned herself a pinwheel, princess stickers and a popsicle!
Then we celebrated at Culver's.....Jersti wanted "white ice cream with sprinkles" instead of a birthday cake. She also wanted pizza for we ordered Mr. Pizza for dinner!

Five years ago at about 1 a.m. we got a call from Jersti's daddy saying she'd arrived in our world. Before we fell back asleep, I'd decided we would be driving to Elgin, IL as soon as we could get ourselves packed! It was fun to see her in the hospital, and then to help take care of my "baby" sister for a couple days.

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  1. Isnt that glue amazing. I'm glad your experiance in the ER was a good one. Poor Jersti, what a trooper


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