Monday, December 17, 2007

Dang, they grow up! Of course when they get their long hair cut off...they REALLY look all grown up. I love Danae's new haircut...but does she have to look so much older ??? Danae has monster eyelashes...and the haircut really makes her eyes shine. Now we have to keep her locked in her room.
Today was a fun day. I had the day off and the kids were home on and off through the day...always bringing laughter with them. Nate was in his "fun and games" form Cara a lesson on how to walk like an ape (I wish I had pics of was hilarious!) Then this evening he serenaded Danae and I by singing some 70's songs in unusual voices. He also had some fun with teasing the girls. I think Nate is pretty happy to have his sisters home...he seems to have come to life since they've arrived.This is where and how I spent most of my evening. Have I mentioned that I'm learning to knit? Since starting this new craft a couple weeks ago I've realized that along with throwing pottery (using the pottery wheel), knitting is harder to do than I thought. I can crochet....learned that as a teen...but knitting is an entirely different game. Or is it that I'm older and not as good at learning? Cara is busy making scarfs and hats....and teaching Danae how to crochet! I'm almost done with my project....when I finish, MAYBE I'll show you!

The rest of my day was spent baking, cleaning the kitchen, watering/feeding the chickens, making dinner and spending a few quiet moments with Kirk while all the kids were gone at the same time. It is amazing how the quiet moments disappear when the kids are home!

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  1. I would have loved to be a mouse in the corner to watch nate :)
    Danae's hair is adorable, I think "short" is in.

    Have fun with those goofy kids.


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