Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Eve...
Amy, Dirk, Tristan, Brigitta, Jersti & Kale arrived around 3:30 on Christmas Eve. I wasn't quite ready for my party which started at 6pm...arrgggh. Amy was a trooper, a saint, a dream come true, a Christmas elf, the wife I've always wanted, a blessing, a get the idea. Dirk helped a lot too....and Kirk and our kids helped a ton. There is no way I could do this party without the help of my family. We had 35 (or so) guests throughout the evening....and it was a blast!
Cara, Aiden, Dirk
Nate and Jon
Tracy & Kia
Best friends, sisters of friends, sisters, friends moms...yeah...."us girls"!
Jersti and Ryan are quite a team playing the marble game (aggrevation)

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