Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Can you tell I'm attempting to blog every day?
Today was a full day of work for me and I'm very thankful the day went by fast! We had an afternoon dessert and hors douerves for our former board members (lots of old men & their wives). They like the "special treatment", so we indulge them a little. It's actually kind of fun to do special things like this. My friend JoLynn from work helped me "decorate" and set up the "event". She has so many good ideas! I told her today I need her to help me with my kids weddings some day.....she said "of course I'll help you"!!

Today when I came home at lunch the trees in town were covered with natures "flocking". They looked frosted ....white, crispy and beautiful. I was excited to get home and get my camera out. When I got home I realized the sun had hit the trees in our yard just right, so the frosting was melting. I mentioned it to Nate (who was home for lunch too)...and he said, "I got them". "What? Got what??" I said. "Pictures". The boy read my mind and took pics for me!!!

Thanks Nate for taking the pics, for reading my mind, for taking the pottery class with me, and for laughing at my really loud burp tonight - hehe.
From Nate's photo files of yesterday and today, I bring you the following:

We have a "bouquet" of pheasants living in our trees...and our neighbors trees. This is only one of several we see quite often. A little bird info for you..."bouquet" is the group name for pheasants. If they are a family of pheasant, they would be called a "brood". I haven't determined if we have a family for now we'll call them a bouquet. Isn't that cool?
Our flowering crab tree in the front - all frosty today. I love this tree! So do the squirrels & birds.
Isn't this a cool picture! Nice work Nate.


  1. beautiful ice berry photos, and the pheasants, wow, what a treat! val

  2. I can smell the crisp air! Thanks Nate for the eye candy. You are one very special young man.

  3. Cool pics... I want one of those berry trees :)


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