Monday, November 26, 2007

One of our hens FINALLY laid an egg!
Yeah, you all are probably thinking something like, "what the heck, she hasn't blogged in a month (or more?) and all we get is an egg?" It's just that I've been so busy...and to be real...because it's been so long, I just didn't know where to start! Maybe tomorrow...yeah, tomorrow...I'll add something else. Until then, we are doing the "happy chicken dance" here!
Looked in the coop at noon today and nearly missed this cute (and pretty) egg!
Definitely a "small" egg. But, it is from our Banty...the smallest of our hens.


  1. egg :) who gets to eat it???

  2. Hi there! Wow! I can't believe you raised a chicken that laid a real egg! I realized that I have had the wrong thing favorited and didn't realize that you had updated in a long long time! Sorry!

  3. Congratulations How Eggciting !!!!! So did you eat it? How about blowing it out and saving the shell for Easter?


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