Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend blogging again! Guess that proves that my weekdays aren't as thrilling as my weekends.
Friday night Kirk and I went back to the HS our kids graduated from for the homecoming game. Danae's college fall break was this past weekend so she was "home" (as much as a college student with friends to visit is home). It was fun to see all her friends at the game. We left the game after the 1/2 time show and headed to a party at a friends house (Steve & Brenda) They have a party after every home game. We were there til 12:30 a.m.....such party'ers we are.
Danae's new hair style and new jacket (adorable)
Sunday evening: Cherry pie ala mode -- at the home of our favorite neighbors and friends...Alice & Darold.

Alice & Me

Darold & Kirk

Sunday after project
Sunday afternoon my friend Melissa came over and we worked all afternoon together on our card making projects. It was a productive afternoon, fun girl time, and a perfect way to spend a rainy, cold day.


  1. So your weekend was way more exciting than mine!!!! I wanna play!!! I love Danae's new haircut and want her jacket...i might have to go buy myself one!

  2. You DO have exciting weekends. Saw you at the game....also saw Danae. I love her haircut too.
    Nice update Cheri, I love reading about what's going on with you and the pictures are always fun too.
    Speaking of pictures....Nate and "lil britches" look very cozy

  3. I also like Danae's hair, haha. I like the pics.


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