Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The story of the Miss Violet...

Twenty-five (or so) years ago I bought my mother-in-love a purple African Violet. She had an incredible green thumb (probably from growing up on a farm). Mom managed to start many violets from that first one over the years giving starts to family and friends, as well as happily replacing ones that suffered from neglect at my house.

Mom passed away 3 years ago, but her violets live on. When I visited dad last summer he sent me home with one of mom's many violets (there were many that he still cared for). I was a little hesitant to take the beautiful violet home since I do not have a great track record with the beautiful flowering plant. I did bring the lovely plant home, and then grieved as I watched this special plant start to die before my eyes. It seemed nothing I did worked. Finally, in desperation I cut it way back, repotted it, gave it a new window location and pleaded for it to "get better" (not really). I should have taken a picture...the poor plant looked awful.

I am pleased to report that Miss Violet is now thriving with beautiful and abundant flowers and healthy green leaves! I brought it up to my kitchen window for a few days to enjoy it, then Miss Violet will go back to her favorite location on the windowsill in my new laundry room.

Everytime I see Miss Violet, I think of mom. I like that.


  1. I'm glad you were able to revive that special violet...those are tough ones to keep going, sounds like you found the perfect recipie to a healthy plant. Yeah

  2. Ok, sniff, I liked the story too...

    And now you should know why I'm so attached to the cactus my Mom gave me when I left for college :)


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