Sunday, October 07, 2007

It's been a wild & crazy & fun weekend!
Cara arrived from Cincinnati around 2pm on Friday. By 4pm Kirk, Cara and I were on the road to the Cities for a wedding (Cara's friend). Kirk had spent the day in Rushford (flooded town) volunteering doing flood clean up, so he got home by 3:15, showered, put on his suit and we were off.
Noon Saturday: Kirk and I went to the auction of my "dream". The house in Oronoco that I had hoped to own was being auctioned at noon. We bid. Three times. The bids never went over $200K so the auctioneer ended the auction and the house never sold. I told the realtor to keep me posted on what is going on with the home...he said he would. It would have been easier if the house had least then the dream would be over, now it just keeps on.

When we got home from the auction, Danae was home! I had told the kids that I was going to take a picture of the three of them so be prepared. Well, Danae came home --- and left her clothes at school! So I went with her to Old Navy to find something to wear. The picture above is how she got sidetracked from looking at shirts/jeans to a dress! She did love the dress. She says "good Christmas gift".
Finally got them all together in one place and started snapping some pictures. There is always shenanigans going on when I'm trying to take I never know what I'm going to be dealing with. For some reason, this time they weren't "too" bad....only a dozen or so goofy pictures! I'm so happy to have a digital camera so I can delete some of the goofy ones (gotta keep some though)
Kirk and Nate washed/waxed my car and Nate's truck Saturday afternoon (actually before the pics) then later in the evening we all went to dinner at Roscoe's for some yummy BBQ. When we left, the kids just had to have a picture on the animals! Like I've said before....they are crazy kids...never know what I'm getting into!

Today (Sunday) we went to church, then some took short naps, some went shopping (hmmm wonder who that was)....then Kirk & Cara washed/waxed Cara's car. We let the chickens out of the pen all afternoon...they were having a good old time. Kirk grilled some burgers for dinner and we ate in the sunroom (I have a table in there) was rainy outside and the house was so hot today. What is with 85 degree days in October???

Now as I write, Cara is with her best friend Brianna, Danae is back in Winona, Nate is doing homework (or something) in his room, Kirk is on his computer and here I am. Cara leaves tomorrow for her trek back to Cincy. We'll see her again at Thanksgiving. Danae will be back on Thursday for her fall break (and her HS homecoming). I think I'll go into work late tomorrow so I can see Cara off.

Time for bed!


  1. you just HAD to post the picture of me in the dress didn't you? gross.

  2. Great update cheri, always love to hear how you spend your weekends. Thanks for sharing your daughter with us and with Brie.

  3. Thanks for sharing Cara with me :) And you have cute kids :)


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