Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Today I had a wonderful afternoon off work. So, I took a 30 min. nap, went to Goodwill and found a neat antique corner shelf for $6 (I'll post a picture on my other blog), a hot water bottle, and a silverplate little tray (I put on my dresser)....then I made an apple pie...which turned out great! I also did some "tweaking" and "putzing" around the house. I've been working on decorating the newly re-styled downstairs family room. I must say it is MUCH more cozy now! I'll take pictures of that too! Tonight after dinner Kirk and I took a walk...and now I'm here....blogging...and instant messaging with my Cara!

Last Friday Nate got the splint out of his mouth and was free to eat solid foods again! Hooray! He has since eaten many of the foods he missed for 6 weeks....pizza, Erbert & Gerbert subs, lasagne, pop. He went to the ortho on Monday...and they said he will only be in the braces for 4-6 months! That's great news.

Tomorrow our baby girl (that's what I call Danae) turns 19!! Seems like just yesterday she was born! Happy Golden Birthday Danae Joy!

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  1. Our babies are growing up fast :)

    What a sweet girl she is, and I understand calling her your baby girl. I have one of those too, my 6'2" 205# baby boy. HA HA


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