Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September ....is sort of a "limbo land" of seasons for me....still summer....but fall is in the air...days are cooler...trees haven't turned yet, and zinnias are still blooming. Garden is waning...and summer annuals are getting "leggy" and yellowish. Tonight they say the temperature is going to get near the high 30's....really??? It was a beautiful crisp fall day here today....kind of invigorating for me!

Today I only worked til noon....so I spent some time being "domestic".....cleaned, cooked dinner, washed sheets, made peach cobbler, put out some fall decorations...it felt good. What didnt' feel good was my very sore & stiff neck. Not sure what I did, must have turned wrong or something....but wow, iced it for an hour this afternoon will go to bed with the ice tonight. Pretty uncomfortable. Tomorrow I only have to work a half day too so I'm hoping to get a book shelf painted for the downstairs family room.

As you will see from the pics ....we took an unplanned trip to Indiana/Illinois this past Thurs-Sunday. Kirk's uncle passed away so we traveled for the funeral. We left Thursday late afternoon and spent the night at my sister Amy's house. We got up to see the kids off to school...then my mom came so we got to spend time with her and have lunch with her. Mom and I did a little redecorating at Amy's...moved some things around...Amy is a good sport...and actually does a great job decorating her cute home and keeping it up with 4 active children!

While we were in Indiana we drive around the neighborhoods where we grew up and lived through the years. That was a lot of fun. So many changes. The elementary and middle school I went to were torn down and new ones built....that's weird to see. On our way back to MN we stopped for pizza at Amy's house and my sister Deedee and her family joined us...we were thrilled that we could see them all...and actually stayed longer than we expected too.
We got home to Rochester around 9pm....to the smell of warm chocolate chip cookies coming out of the oven! Nate baked some very yummy cookies! They are all gone now. Such piggy's we are!
Bedtime for me now....

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