Monday, September 24, 2007

I thought I'd start my blog today with a peaceful looking place in the woods...doesn't this look like somewhere you'd like to spend a summer? I actually know the person who owns the place!
Kirk and I had a wonderful weekend doing things we enjoy AND being productive...which we also enjoy! Friday night I threw a surprise party for a friend who turned 50. Amazingly, we totally pulled off the surprise...she didn't have a clue. There were about 50 people who showed up...and we set up the garage so nicely that nobody noticed they were in a garage! It's amazing what you can do with candles, tables, chairs, a little sitting area with a rug, and lamps! Everyone ooed and ahhhed over the place funny...I kept saying..." really IS a garage! (Kirk is putting in a heater in the coming weeks ...then insulation, and drywall, so we can get even more use of this huge space!) We had a fire going in the firepit too, so people were sitting around there....and by 1:00 a.m. there were only a few of us left sitting around the fire. Kirk and I got to bed around 2 a.m.....but don't worry, we slept til nearly 11 am! (Can you believe it? We couldn't!) I did wake up with a migraine at 9:30 and had to take my migraine meds....miracle meds I call them...which knock me out for about an hour. And, wasn't a hangover...I only had a 1/2 can of beer and a small shot of tequila rose (yummy).
Danae also came home with her roommate Katie for the night....and a few hours on Saturday. Katie is a very nice girl and we enjoy having her around. I'm glad her and Danae hit it off so well!
So then on Saturday afternoon, Kirk and I were a team....picking apples, cooking them, and making applesauce together. We did all the work outside since it was a beautiful day. It is a MUCH easier job when done need to worry about mess! Simply hose it all down! I used my garden "bench" for a counter which was the perfect height. We shut down the applesauce operation around 5:30, then I baked apple slices.....always a take to another party!
At 7:30 we went to our friends' Mark & Lynn Root's house for another occasion at this one...just hanging with friends.
Sunday after church we started on some more applesauce....and I started some apple butter in the crockpot which made the house smell so wonderful all evening on Sunday...and today too. It cooks on low overnight. Tonight after work I started up the canner and canned 14 pints of apple butter. We love apple butter on toast and cottage cheese!
Today....back to the office. Thankfully it was a very quiet day. Nate and I let the chickens out in the yard this evening while I filled a new feeder for them, and raked up some of the bedding that had fallen out of the coop (I put it into the chicken pen). Well, I've had a full day....besides work, canning the apple butter, I had to clean a kitchen that was pretty neeedy....and a kitchen floor that had seen a "cleaner" day!
Have a great week everyone!

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