Sunday, September 30, 2007

Apple Butter, Applesauce, Apple Cake, Apple Pie, Apple Slices... my life is apples, apples, apples! Will we ever see the bottom of the wagon again? We are definitely out of room in the no more applesauce (unless we buy another freezer). Now I am making apple butter, which I like to can instead of freeze...I do have some cupboard space for that. Don't get me's all GOOD! (By the way...the white dots on the apple butter are bubbles as it cooks) The apple butter cooking away in my about good smells, WOW!
Kirk and Nate are good helpers...turning the crank of the Squeezo
This cracked me up how Nate needed the chair to stand on....just like when he was a little guy and helping me make the sauce ... standing on the chair in the kitchen to "stir and see".

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  1. Yum...looks like good stuff. I'm still thinking about that apple cake and how I need to make one. (Can we say Lazzzyyyyyy)


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