Sunday, July 08, 2007

I know you are all going to think I'm plum outta my mind....but I'm really excited cuz I'm getting 4 baby chicks in the next couple of days! Kirk and I (mostly Kirk) have been building a chicken coop that will have a fenced chicken yard attached to it for our new feathered friends. The chicks are actually ready on Sunday...but I don't know if we are ready enough! I was planning to get a hen we'll see.
I've been doing my chicken homework and think I'm pretty ready for them now. Nate and I are the only ones really looking forward to this new adventure...the rest of the family doesn't want anything to do with the chickens....ah, but wait til Nate and I are having a breakfast of fresh eggs and toast!!!

See below for other posts and pics....

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  1. Can I bring Jensen and Sam to see your chicks next weekend??? Jensen will absolutely die.


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