Monday, July 02, 2007

I know what you are thinking......"Finally.....she blogged".
After I got the c:drive figured out (it was Kirk's fault....he had saved several episodes of "Lost" on my desktop...which filled up the drive!

After the C:drive got busy, I kept taking pictures, and then they got all disorganized on my computer..arrggh. Then there was a few things going on here. I'll list what I can remember, then you can take a look at the pics. They may not be in order, but that's ok (I keep telling myself).

Danae Century Prom
Nate JM Prom
Danae Baccalaureate
Danae Mayo Prom
Kirk in MI at Arts Conference
Kirk Birthday and "Happy Hour" Celebration at our house
Kirk/Cheri attend a murder mystery
2 HS Open Houses
Yard Work, yard work, yard work

Danae Open House with Jaden & Mickey
My mom, sister, and 3 nieces come for open house
Decorate for senior party
Danae commencement
Work at Senior Party (night of commencement)
Approximately 15 HS open houses on various Saturday & Sundays
Annual Physical
Nate Pre-Surgery appointment at Mayo Clinic
Organizing all my photos online
Taking Care of neighbor's two horses til July 13

I'll try very hard to keep up better!


  1. Yea, Yea -- blame the no blogging on your husband... ha ha ha ha -- nice try.

    I happen to know that you can blog without pictures. :)

    I love you -- and I'm sorry about messing up your computer and I'll never touch your electronic equipment again.

    - Kirk

    PS Hey by the way, did you delete the Lost episodes from your iPod? :)

  2. Oh Cheri You did a great job of updating, How can you remember all that...My mind cant remember yesterday...maybe that's why i have to blog all the time. Hee hee


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