Sunday, July 29, 2007

Here's where I am blogging tonight. I'm in the dark except for the computer light, candlelight and the burning embers from the fire. The crickets are chirping, the air is calm....a perfect night. Kind of makes me contemplative...tomorrow is a big day with Nate's surgery. We are all pretty calm about it. I'm so thankful that we can do this surgery for Nate. He was saying tonight that tomorrow will be the first time that he will have a "normal" bite in his mouth. Isn't it funny how we take things like that for granted?

We've had a very nice weekend...Friday night Kirk and Nate picked up the 4-wheeler. It was so cute...those boys were so excited they were grinning from ear to ear all evening. The new toy raises the "CI" (cylinder index) in the Dietzman garage! Kirk....what is your CI now?
Saturday night we made pizza on the grill again with the kids and Merv & Lisa Miller (our new worship/arts pastor and his wife). We had a fabulous time getting to know them. I was thrilled to have people here who understand my love of chickens! They have raised chickens...lots of them! They were also sharing with us the joys of having pygmy goats! Now I have some people "on my side" to convince Kirk we should get some next summer!

Tonight was supposed to be our college age book study night...but the kids weren't in to having it, so we just skipped it. Instead they swam and hung out here. Kirk and Nate took off to the movies to see the Simpson's.

Now, Nate is packing a bag, Kirk is reading the latest Harry Potter book, Danae and her friends are down in the basement playing SuperSmash/or hanging in her room. Cara is on her computer...and I'm about to call it a night....I think I'll have to get up around 4:30 in the morning! Maybe I'll skip the shower and take one while he is in surgery!

Nate, there are many friends and family who are praying for you and who will be holding you and the surgeons up before our Heavenly Father. You are in good hands buddy!
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  1. Sending up a prayer tomorrow on Monday...for all of you. Let us know how the surgery goes.

  2. Guessing is more fun : )9:13 PM CDT

    This is new to me so who know's if you'll ever find me. I loved reading your blog tonight, I feel like I know you so much better the heart of a warm and wonderful women,mom,friend,wife,daughter-in-law,farmer,gardner,cook,decorator, OK enough, I'm starting to feel like a stump compared to you. I'm thankful to have found you just down the hall.


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