Saturday, April 07, 2007

Tonight I will sleep much better knowing that Danae is safe and sound in Minnesota...and Cara is safe and sound in Elgin, IL.

Danae took off last Sunday morning with her friend Lauren on a road trip. The trip began with a stop in Elgin, IL and 2 nights at my sister Dee Dee's house. She took the girls to lunch and shopping and fed them well. Thanks Dee!

From Elgin, the girls headed to Cincinnati, OH to visit Cara where they enjoyed a dinner with Jerry & Patty Kirk that Patty prepared. For a late night treat they went to Grater's for ice cream! While in Ohio they went to the Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic Warehouse and got a lot of good deals! They also met Cara's friends Ryan and Luke and had dinner with them at B'dubs.

On Friday they headed to Chicago (this time with Cara, who hitched a ride) and stopped at my mom's to pick up a bedside table that mom was giving a few deviled eggs that grandma was making for Easter dinner...and got back on the road again ...this time following the GPS to Ed DeBevic's in Chicago for a burger and malt. They just couldn't resist introducing Lauren to Ed's! After Ed's the girls headed to Elgin to my sister Amy's house where they were in bed by 10:30!
Finally, today they arrived back in MN....and it didn't take long for Danae to head back out again and hook up with all her MN friends...but at least she is home.

Cara is in Elgin at Amy's house for Easter and will fly back to Cincinnati on Tuesday. Sure do miss having her here....and miss being with my family. It sure can be hard at holidays to live so far from family.

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  1. I'm glad your Girls are safe and sound. Sorry that you didnt get to be with Cara for Easter, sigh...


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