Wednesday, February 28, 2007

We won the Grand Prize
Kirk won this gas fireplace valued at nearly $7,000
Yesterday we received mail from Energy Products & Design here in Rochester informing us that our name was drawn as the Grand Prize Winner at the Home Remodeler's Show we attended earlier this month. Kirk filled out a little form to enter to win at EnergyProduct's booth and we're glad he did. We kept reading the letter over and over...this is legit. We really did win.
Now, where to put it?
This might mean another remodel project for us. Right now we are thinking it will go in the basement tv room...but we'll have to see if that will work when we meet with them at the showroom.
Anyhow...we are pretty excited, neither of us have ever won anything.


  1. WOW! That is sooo cool!

  2. No way.... Who ever wins that kind of stuff ???

  3. that's awesome. it seems like no one you ever know wins that stuff, now I can say i know someone who did, heehee.

  4. Wow, cheri, that is awesome news!
    I bet you guys are excited about that. I think I will take your lead and post pictures of our decorating project too!!! :)))

  5. Cheri, you must update!


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