Sunday, February 25, 2007

Another year has passed....and yes, I am another day older....ok, a year older too! I woke up on Thursday to these beautiful flowers on the bathroom vanity, and "happy birthday -- we love you" written on my bathroom mirror. Danae and Cara were the givers of this fun "morning b'day wish". Then I went to work and my boss sent me home at noon. Sweeeet. Then....I got an email that said I could take Friday off too! That was even more awesome! Kirk took me to lunch at Applebees then I went home for the afternoon! ----Nate was home from school and he surprised me with a big, LONG, I love you HUG AND KISS and "happy birthday mom". He made me tear up. Getting hugs and kisses from Nate is a rare occasion, so I was honored and thrilled. After Kirk got home from work we ran to buy our bathroom light fixture (it was on sale Thurs only). Then Kirk had to run off to band. The kids had plans for the evening, so I was looking at an evening home alone....then as I was standing at the dining table, my dear friend Jackie tapped me on the shoulder and nearly scared me to death! We both screamed I think...ok maybe it was just me.----Jackie had come to take me to dinner! That was the coolest thing~ I had so much fun with her....we celebrated at my favorite Mexican restaurant over dinner and margaritas! YUMM-O! ~~ Thanks have a wonderful talent for making me feel loved. Jackie gave me a really neat candle and tray with really cool stones. I love candles....and stones!

Celebration #2 was Friday evening at my favorite restaurant in town....The Redwood Room. We met Brenda and Steve there for dinner. The food was good, the wine wonderful, and the company excellent! What a fun night!
The snow storm was just hitting when we left the restaurant.


  1. I'm preety sure you just screamed, but I almost pee'd my pants. I dont think I've ever heard you scream that loud :)

    I had a great time too, I'm glad I got to have you for a few hours.

  2. Glad you enjoyed your day, Cheri! Can't wait til I can come back on Thursday nights!


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