Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic Clearance Warehouse.
We spent a couple hours here today. Jeans were $12.99, long-sleeve shirts were $1.99,
Boxers & Sweats were 99 cents!!
I have never seen so many clothes! Kirk was the big spender
and got some really nice stuff. I got a Banana Republic Vest for $9.99.
After the shopping trip we went to Cara's church.
It was an awesome Saturday night service...I'm really glad we went.
Now it is 9pm and I'm blogging in the hotel room....
I think the 3 of us need to head to the exercise room!


  1. wow I would have been over whelmed

  2. I wanna go there! Also, I love the pic of Kirk with his White Castle, I laughed, remembering the story of you guys trying to find it a while back and couldn't.


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