Thursday, November 16, 2006

Back to work.
Kirk and I did some Christmas shopping after dinner. We will be done shopping for everyone but our kids by this Saturday. We are taking the gifts for the Indiana/Illinois family with us on Wednesday when we go to Chicago for Thanksgiving, and hopefully will mail the St. Louis gifts before we leave on Wednesday.
Work again. Grocery Shopping. Fixed dinner for Kirk and I - Crab Casserole (a Paula Deen recipe) Evening alone together.....we watched a CSI that we Tivo'd and went to bed.
Work again. Kirk worked til 7:00 pm and was pretty wiped out and stressed out. His job is insane! I feel so bad for him and all the hours he has to work and the stress he is under. While Kirk worked from home, I cleaned two kitchen cupboards and re-arranged them and did laundry.
Today I only worked til 11:00 a.m. hooray!!! I stopped at Sam's Club on the way home and picked up the usual stuff, then came home and vacuumed, moved some furniture around, did some more laundry (oops I have stuff in the washer still!!!) Danae's math study group came over tonight....Jayden, Steve, Ryan, Kate. We served some good old Tombstone frozen pizza (they ARE the best frozen pizza's) and I also made cookies...for them, for Kirk's band, and for girls night tonight. I also started dinner to TOMORROW! (Tomorrow is lasagne rolls). I sure can get a lot done when I dont work!!
Tomorrow I am pretty sure I will only be working til 11 or 11:30 since by boss (Paul) will be heading out of town in the afternoon. Yesterday he asked me to look up some Matthew 16 and print the chapter for him...he was going to refer to it in a meeting today! How cool is that! Well, off to make coffee for the girls....Hazelnut Creme tonight.

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