Thursday, November 09, 2006

Happy Fall! How can it be the second week of November already? As you will see below, we had a fun Halloween- Danae invited several friends over and they all came in is so fun to have the teens around! There were definitely some creative costumes.

Last weekend Kirk, Nate, Danae and I drove to Elgin, IL to celebrate my mom's 70th birthday. We had a wonderful day with family....complete with TONS of food. It was so good to see everyone again and all be together for a day. On Sunday morning my sisters, mom, Danae and I took mom out for brunch at a really classy restaurant...then we went to the nearby outlet and shopped for little bit. Then back home to pick up Nate and Kirk and head home to MN.

My niece, Jersti was very generous over the weekend and shared her cold with several of us. My cold arrived Monday morning...and it has been a rough week for me with working and this nasty cold. Arrggh.
I don't regret the lovin' I got from Jersti though!

Cara is plugging through classes and clinicals in nursing school. We are so proud of her ambition and brave spirit to embark on this adventure so far from home and knowing barely anyone.

Danae has decided to quit the HS dance team for the last (winter) season. It was a very hard decision for her, but she is very comfortable with it and is enjoying all her free time. I like having her around more!

Nate is plugging away at college too....hardly see him anymore with school and work. This week Nate got special recognition in his photography class for some of the pictures in his portfolio....Way to go Nate!

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  1. Nice update Cheri, glad you had a good time with the family, but sorry about the cold, blah.
    Your children are wonderful little (of course) should be proud...I'm proud of them too.


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