Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I knew I should have updated this sooner....when I wait too long, I can't remember anything!

I had several days off work last week, which was really nice. I ran lots of errands, and cleaned....not too much exciting. I did paint Cara's bedroom....and will have before and after pics sometime in the future....cuz I'm not totally done in there yet. I want the finished project to be what I show.

Friday Kirk celebrated 25 years with IBM. They had a breakfast for him in the cafeteria, which I was invited to. It was a really nice morning and fun to meet some of the people he works with that I don't know....and good to see the ones I do know.

Sunday afternoon we officially closed the pool...it was ironic that we were closing it in October and it was 84 degrees yesterday! I also went with Jackie and Brie to Sam's Club to order the flowers for Brie's wedding. I'm glad we were able to choose and order the flowers iwe want in advance. I'll be doing the wedding flowers and am really excited about it....I love to do that sort of thing.
I also started packing for our trip to NY and PA at the end of this week. Kirk and I are doing a little road trip to visit friends and attend his 25 year college reunion during homecoming weekend. We are looking forward to connecting up with old friends and acquaintances. I'm hoping I'll be able to update the blog as we travel,....


  1. Thanks sooo much Cheri, you're the biggest help everrrrr!!!!

  2. Have fun in NY..I'm jealous.

  3. I miss you. When will you home:(


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