Friday, October 06, 2006

Day One: We left Rochester at around 1pm. Kirk had to call in to some meeetings for work, so I drove. Cara and I talked via cell phone and our headsets while we both were driving ...nearly passing each other in our travels. She was headed to IL for her fall break to spend some time with my sisters. Kirk took the wheel at the IL/WI line and drove us through Chicago. We hit the "Calumet Region" where we both grew up around 7:30 and couldn't resist stopping at a favorite burger place that we both went to as was a "blast from the past". We got the deluxe burger which gave us a yummy burger with the fixins, fries, and a scoop of soft serve orange sherbert in a paper dish...just like in the "old days"! Then we continued on through Indiana to a Red Roof Inn in Elkhart, IN near South Bend (think Notre Dame) -- we went straight to bed...tired travelers. Posted by Picasa

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