Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Well, as you will see, today was a big day around here....our baby turned 18 years old! I greeted her early this morning with a "happy birthday" and she said, "I'm not your baby girl any more....I'm all growed up"! How dare she say that! I told her there was no way around it, she would always be our "baby girl". I actually got teary-eyed today telling someone at work it was her 18th! What is up with that?
Danae announced earlier this week that she had been inviting everyone she knew at school to come over tonight after the soccer game she was dancing at.....eeeeek....that could mean 20-100 kids! So Kirk and I ran to Sam's Club and bought some nacho cheese, a huge box of chips, pop, and wings, and I baked a couple large chocolate chip 8:30 the gang started gathering...we put the food in the garage with the tunes playing (country of course) and had a large fire in the firepit going. It's always fun to have the kids around.
So, now it is midnight and I need to be up in just 6 I must go. I couldn't help myself with the pictures....forgive me if I went overboard!


  1. I think I just got a little teary eyed...How come our babies have to go and get all grown up???

    Gavin has had the lecture also about the fact that he will always be my baby. He just rolls his eyes.

  2. Anonymous9:24 AM CDT

    My girls have learned to accept this fact and now embrace it. Sara

  3. middle child gets forgotten again... You make this big post about danae's birthday, and what did i get? a brief mention in a looooong list of other events. whats up with that? hahahaha, just kidding, but my next b-day is the big 2-0. So i have high expectations.


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