Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Today - September 12th marks the 25th anniversary of our wedding.
25 years ago tonight, we were dancing at our reception.... tonight I'm folding Kirk's underwear and don't mind a bit! Kirk and I are high school sweethearts that survived 4 years of dating while 400 miles apart and no cell phones or computers back in the late 70's! Those years seemed to go so slow waiting to get married....and now the years are going so fast. I never could have imagined or dreamed how challenging, hard, or wonderful life together would be. I'm glad I get to do life with Kirk!

Thought you'd all get a laugh from our old pics....which are followed by pics from the end of summer to just today!


  1. Congratulations, you are two very cool people with a very wonderful marriage!

  2. Now days it's a BIG deal to make it to 25 years, you are truely an amazing couple and are a great example of how a marriage should be.I hope the next 25 slow down for you. Stop and smell the roses,take time with each other and continue to grow in that Love that you both share. Sorry to be so mushy but it's all true....so there.
    We love you guys, Happy 25th Anniversary...Rick and Jackie

  3. Anonymous3:01 PM CDT

    Best of everything. I'm so glad that you guys are still happy to be with each other. You both mean the world to me. I love you and am very happy for you. Congratulations (Wow, were you young!! Still looking great!)
    Love you,

  4. Thanks Sandy and Jackie! We love you too!

  5. It's a good thing you DID get married 25 years ago! Or else the world would have NEVER gotten to experience the sheer bliss that I bring. hahaha.

  6. wow nate way to make it all about you! Thanks for being great parents together guys! You make a great team!


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