Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday evening...after a full weekend. Friday was the homecoming parade (and pepfest for Danae...where she claimed the title of limbo champion)...then Kirk and I tailgated with some friends in the HS parking lot...then the game....then to Brenda and Steve's for after game party. We got home to find our kids in bed! What's wrong with THAT picture?
Saturday was some housekeeping, baking, and decorating for fall...and sending Danae and her 4 friends off to the homecoming dance, and we spent the evening relaxing.
Sunday...slept in and went to late church....then worked in the yard...showered, blogged...then a walk to follow with Kirk ...and off to bed to read and sleep!
Enjoy the pics from the weekend....


  1. I wanna be like you...Motivate me please

  2. No, really don't! I come with lots of baggage.....(but at least it's cute and matches!)


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