Friday, July 07, 2006

This last week went by so fast! Our friends arrived on Thursday evening around dinner time and we enjoyed a nice evening together. Kirk had to work on Friday, but we managed to find things to go shopping. I had to show Sue the Crafty Mouse! Saturday was pretty warm in fact, that I actually approved the turning on of the air conditioning...a rare occurrence. It was a perfect day for laying around in the pool...and that is exactly what we did....all day!
Sunday we went to church and then had lunch at Culvers, where we said good-bye to Sue and Ed. Naptime after getting home...then out to the pool...Kelli and Sara and Emily joined us in the pool for about 3 hours of soaking...then we threw some hot dogs on the grill and ate leftovers.
Monday and Tuesday: Kirk and I off work...relax, clean house, etc.
Wednesday: Back to work!
Thursday: half day of work for me...then Girl's Night In....Sara made dinner (and dessert) and brought it over for us...YUMMY ...that was such a treat.
Friday: Sara and I went to the Great Hall and set up for a meeting there on Monday. Then lunch together (left over from Thursday)...I spent the rest of the day with some reading, cleaning a closet, cleaning floors, and doing laundry. A pretty good day. We had a nice surprise tonight ...Eric and Noreen Hettinger from church stopped by for a visit. I LOVE it when friends just stop in!

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  1. I wish I didnt have to work last Thursday, It would have been fun to eat sara's yummy supper. Hopefully this week will work, I dont work YAH


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