Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Is it even possible?
Our door here seems to have a revolving door.....everyone coming and going. It's been a long time since we've all been home together at one time! Nate got home from Duluth last night around 7:30pm....but Danae had left Monday at noon for a cabin in Hayward with the danceline. Cara is around now...but she is heading to Illinois on Saturday for a week at camp with my sister. ...and Danae will be gone at church camp in WI that week. I'm trying to figure out a couple days when we all will be home at the same time so we can go to the Cities and see "Body Worlds" at the Science Museum and maybe take in some other activities while we are there. Is is possible? All us together in one place? We'll see...stay tuned!

Here's the calendar:
July 8-10 Nate in Duluth with friends
July 10-11 Danae in Hayward with danceline
July 15-21 Cara at camp in IL, Danae at camp in WI (returns 22)
July 22 Cara personal attendant at friends wedding
July 23-26 Danae at dance camp
July 24-28 Cheri vacation days- probably
July 28-30 Cara in IL for a friend's wedding
August 13th (approx)...Cara moves to Cincinnati :(
August 16 Cara orientation at nursing school
August 18-19 Gold Rush Antique show!!
August 21 Nate and Cara start classes


  1. Wow...it's all just so crazy isnt it! I know what you mean about getting everyone together at one time. I think it's Gods way of getting us ready for the empty nest. I would rather go "Cold turkey"
    Good luck :)

  2. I think so too Jackie.....I've felt like my nest has been empty'n for some time now...maybe cold turkey would be better?


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