Monday, July 17, 2006

Hot enough for ya?

Last week Nate got a "new grill" as he likes to say. Which means, he got his braces on. He looks so cute in braces! So this is the first step on the path to jaw surgery in about 8-12 months. I'll include a "mug" of him with his grill soon.

Saturday morning both the girls left for the week. Cara drove herself to Elgin, IL to go with Deedee to camp as a "camp nurse-in-training" - good pay ;(....but fun. She will come home on Friday and probably bring Kale (age 22 months) and Jersti (3-1/2) home with her. Possibly Molly too. That car load, including Cara, will be with us until the following Friday when Cara heads back to IL to a friend's wedding and will take the kids back with her.

Danae took off with 3 other girls and Kelli (youth leader) to another Wisconsin....with our van. They return on Friday too.
Since the car was with Cara and the van with Danae we were left with two vehicles....the truck and my camry....Nate had a quick lesson in driving a manual transmission so he'd have a vehicle to drive. Kirk and Nate went out Saturday evening and Nate is now "stick certified" by dad to drive the truck....Yahoo...congrats Nate!
Kirk...job well've taught all three kids to drive a manual transmission (and me- 25 years ago) and your head is still connected to your neck! Your patience is amazing!

Stay cool everyone!


  1. Yea for Nate. Congrats on an important life lesson.

  2. And i look dang sexy in that truck too!

  3. Wow, Nate is really making progress!


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