Sunday, July 23, 2006

12:26 a.m. and I'm still awake???
I'm actually waiting for the monkey bread (a.k.a. pull-apart bread) to cool off so I can have a small nibble.

Yesterday (Friday) Danae returned from camp in Wisconsin and Cara returned from IL with Jersti and Kale (my niece and nephew) who are here until Friday when Cara drives back to IL to attend a friend's wedding.

Today went really smooth with the kids. Jersti crawled in bed with us at about 8:15 a.m. and Kale didn't wake up until 11 a.m.! Crazy! Around noon we went in the pool and came in around 1:30 for lunch/snack...then naptime at 2pm. Both kids slept til 5pm. My kids NEVER did this much sleeping! While the kids napped, I took a power nap (30 min) then did my grocery list.
When the kids got up we had a dinner of fresh produce.....cantelope, fresh sweet corn, tomatoes & basil with olive oil....ummmm ummmm goooood. Then...more pool time. Kale opted out of swimming -- he played with his cars poolside while Nate, Kirk and Jersti swam. As soon as Jersti went in the hot tub....Kale was wanting to get in!

Bedtime at 9pm....after a showing of "the Wiggles" accompanied by Jersti. What a good production Jersti puts on!

More tomorrow...stayed tuned.


  1. Isnt it fun being an auntie to little one, especially after our kids have grown up into big kids. It's fun to spoil them isnt it :)

  2. EXACTLY!!! she never let us do A QUARTER of the stuff she lets them do! but their mom used to spoil us when SHE didn't have any kids! haha! and she still does! whoo!!!!


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