Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Company's Coming!
Some long time friends of ours from Indiana are coming for a 4 day visit
(Thurs-Sun). They were in the church youth group with us....yep, we've kept in touch since high school. Sue and Ed are a few years older than us and have older kids (all out of the house) so it will be just them. They will be grandparents in August!
So now the mad rush...Just got home from work I need to clean the house (and get the kids to pick up their rooms)...and make my menu out for the next week....then go to the grocery store. After putting away the groceries it will probably be late and time to head to bed...but I'll still have stuff to do.
I work tomorrow and they will probably arrive at our house before I get home...which does'nt thrill me...hopefully one of our kids will be here to entertain!
Time to get to work!

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  1. How fun....Your house ALWAYS looks nice, and your kids will do a great job of entertaining till you get home. Have fun with the peeps


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