Monday, May 01, 2006

Well, once again many moons have passed since I've updated my blog. As the moons passed (and I mean the ones in the sky) much has happened. We celebrated Easter... just the 5 of us. It was nice...we did something a bit un-traditional....instead of the usual ham dinner, Cara requested steak on the steak it was! As you will see when you page down the blog...we attempted some family pics...what a hoot. There were many out-takes of the'd think it would get easier to get a good picture....but no, they all have to be a comedian when the camera comes out!

The last week of April Kirk and I took a business/pleasure trip to San mentioned in an earlier blog. I'm thankful we tacked an extra two days on for some pleasure. What a beautiful place! Probably the only 5-Star resort we will ever stay at! Many different things made an impression....the pleathora of luxury vehicles (mercedes, BMWs, etc) minivans or old cars....Flowers...gorgeous wild flowers. Beautiful beach. Lots of upscale shopping....I didn't buy a thing! The restaurants was fantastic. We ate Mexican food twice...once in a Mexican village of all outdoor restaurants.

While we were spending our last evening in San Diego, Nate and Danae were attending Prom! I can hardly believe I missed it....but with their permission. Cara came home, did Danae's hair, took pictures, and helped the siblings out. Our neighbor, and dear friend, Jackie Hemmer, came to our rescue as "prom mom" and helped with pictures and video in our absence. I am so grateful for friends like Jackie. She has always been there for us. will see plenty of Easter, San Diego, and prom photos below. Hope I don't bore you!

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  1. Glad you had a great time...You deserve it. Your kids were awesome, (even though i never did see Danae.) Glad you're home safe and sound :)


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