Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Time to post a new blog....Jackie and Cara have both told me so!
Let's see, the past weekend....Kirk went out of town to Oshkosh with a buddy from work to visit another former IBMr. It was a "Guy's Weekend Away"!
When I got home from work on Friday, Cara was already home from school for the weekend. Her best friend Brianna came over and Danae and I joined Cara and Brie for some dinner at Westfire Grill....great recommendation Brie...the club sandwich ...thanks for sharing with mom DJ and Cara! While us girls were dining, Nate was on a DATE! After dinner we stopped at Culver's and picked up a quart of custard. Then the three of us sat around and talked...eventually Jackie (Brie's mom and my friend) called after she got off work...we told her to come over.....she was already in her jammies....but we told her to come anyhow. We all laughed, giggled and shared memories of our days together on Chesapeake Lane. We have some awesome memories with the Hemmer family.
Saturday: Cara, Brie and I went to the neighborhood garage sales. Cara got three awesome CD's, and a new room humidifier ($3). I found a neat old ladderback chair with cane seat for $3. Then Brie went home and Cara and I took a 2 mile walk...and little bit of running. Then we showered and ran errands....GAP (turn in availability to Cara's new employer), Culvers...the same, and Home Depot...to buy a gallon of paint to paint the office!
Saturday afternoon and evening....I painted the office...should have taken a before shot of the orange walls that Nate and DJ loved, I hated. Now, I love the color! Cara left at 5pm to take prom pictures with the photographer at Mayo HS, Nate and DJ went to a youth activity for church. I was home alone..painting. Then I managed to turn on the TV and find a TIVO show we recorded...I amazed Danae that I was able to do it all alone. Amazed myself too!
Sunday: Church, Cara back to the Cities, finish painting, Kirk home.
Monday: Woke up not feeling so well, after a night of the same. Showered and went back to bed....just couldn't pull it together enough to go to work. Slept til noon...got up and ate something and took meds for a migraine. Back to bed at 1pm....up again at 2pm...more migraine medication. By 6pm I was feeling more myself. What a crappy way to spend a beautiful sunny day! After dinner we putzed in the yard a bit, and started a fire to burn brush. Now it is bedtime. I hope I can sleep after all the sleep today!
Well, I must say this was a pretty wordy blog with TMI. Sorry everyone!


  1. YAY for updates, Nice blog my friend, you have truly gotten the hang of it :)
    Sorry you had a wicked headache....did you try mowing ? It worked for me, :)

  2. Darn it for those headaches! glad it gotted better! And what a perfect blog entry yea for updateS!

  3. i updated my blog with some pics....

  4. speaking of updates i updated and you didn't if you don't update you can't complain about me not updating! you stinker!


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