Sunday, January 29, 2006

I can't believe how long it's been since I've updated....but I promised myself that I wouldn't sweat I'm not.
Last weekend Cara was home from Saturday dinner to Sunday afternoon with 11 of her friends from school. We really enjoyed having them here. I worked late most nights last week, which was tiring...but it's the beginning of the year and lots of things going on at the credit union. The good news is that I will have several days off this week since my boss is in Hawaii all week....poor guy.
This weekend was quiet at home....Nate worked most of Saturday...Kirk worked on tax and FAFSA, Danae was at a dance competition. I went to a friends jewelry open house, then went to the Christian bookstore and bought a new book and Bible (early b'day gift from Kirk). Then I spent 3 hours Saturday afternoon reading the book "Peacemaking Women" and my new Bible. It was a very renewing and refreshing day.
Tomorrow I have the day is my turn to do "paperwork" for taxes and get organized. Tuesday I'll work at the building/hall I manage for the credit union....taking down the Christmas decorations..finally.
Cara is in Illinois with my is her break before 2nd semester (and after J-term)..she went on the retreat (as a counselor) that my sister Deedee runs.
Next weekend is the turn-about dance at the high school. ...Watch for pictures on Saturday evening or Sunday!
Ta-Ta for Now....


  1. Yay, Cheri updated! I am coming home this weekend to have a lil' b-day party, so maybe I will stop over?! I mentioned to Cara that we could stop in David's Bridal and look at bride's maid dressed too!!! Hope you have a wonderful day taking down decorations :)

  2. Brie....I hope you do stop over! Having you come over is like having one of my own kids come home! I love ya Brie!

  3. Mommy! It's time for an update!


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