Monday, January 16, 2006

"Arrange whatever pieces come your way" a quote I have in my book of quotes that I collect...and yesterday that is exactly what my friend Sara and I did! With Sara's awesome eye for detail and decorating we arranged the built-in shelves in my living room. I just love them...and we had so much fun doing it over two pots of coffee and dinner! We even did a little furniture re-arranging! Thanks Sara, you're the best!
P.S. I still say we should go into business!


  1. Mom!!!! I am so proud of you for putting pictures up all on your own! the shelfs look good as well as all the other pics! did you use hello?

  2. Well, I must say it does look lovely. We did have fun and after all that coffee I still got a good nights sleep. If anyone needs help with decorating or organizing I'm sure Cheri and I could "arrange" some time to help you! Sara

  3. Your admiring Mom2:01 PM CST

    I see several pieces which bring back memories. FUN! and a VERY GOOD JOB. You say you could "arrange" some time to help organizine? Practice on me.

  4. Thanks mom! I bet there are at least 12 items on the shelves that you recognize!
    And actually it was Sara who said we could "arrange" some time to help....not that I wouldn''s the time factor that always gets in the way!!


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