Thursday, September 06, 2018

2018 GOLD RUSH, Part 2 . Typewriters

Typewriter Fever.

Saturday of Gold Rush weekend we went to the Rochester Fairgrounds.  Shortly after arriving, my cousin found a portable Royal typewriter.  She really liked it, but she had just purchased a beautiful desktop typewriter at Oronoco Gold Rush the day before, and though she really liked this portable typewriter, she really couldn't justify another one.

A shiny black case + glass keys + great working condition + inked ribbon + good price
 + a slight obsession with typewriters  =
a vintage Royal typewriter for me!

Not only is it cute and functional, it is a great conversation piece 
and looks fabulous on my vintage oak desk.

This lovely typewriter is not my first.
Two years ago I found this vintage Smith-Corona at a garage sale in Austin, Texas for $10!
This one works great, it just needs a new ribbon.

A few months ago I found this older typewriter, which works nicely too, a new ribbon would make a huge difference in this typewriter's performance.
Adding to my to do list this week:  order ribbons.

Remembering the tak ta ta tak tak tak tak tak!  as my mom typed out letters to family and friends, and perhaps recipes too on her Smith-Corona, I have long been drawn to these old typewriters.

It also seems my typewriter and typing obsession started at a young age.

I learned to type on a manual typewriter in high school.  It was my favorite class.
At my first secretary position, an IBM Selectric typewriter was on my desk.
In the early 80's as an Executive Secretary, 
I typed on a Royal Electronic typewriter with a floppy disk!

After being a SAHM for many years, when I went back to work, 
a computer on my desk was my new typing machine!

While I love the convenience and ease of using a computer (Macbook for me), 
the sounds of a manual typewriter  ....

The "tak ta ta tak tak tak tak tak! (read fast) of the keys,
the bell "ding" at the end of line, and
the "zing" of the carriage return

will continue to hold fond memories for me.

Monday, August 20, 2018


Gold Rush is an annual antique show and market located in Oronoco, Minnesota.  Hundreds of dealers from throughout the country converge and fill the small town with their booths.
When our children were young, Kirk and I made Gold Rush a date day.  When the kids became young adults they joined us now and then.  This year Danae and Magnolia joined us.  This was also the second annual Gold Rush weekend that some out of town family joined us.

It's been 26 years this summer since our family moved to Minnesota from Upstate NY.  
While living in NY we often attended the Madison Bouckville Antique Week.  I was so hoping I'd find something like it here in MN and Gold Rush did not disappoint. I don't think we have missed a single Gold Rush in all our years here.

Most years I've found a treasure or two, I rarely come home empty-handed, but it has happened.  This year I was hoping to find an Ironstone pitcher and maybe a platter.  A nice old farm table has been on my wishlist for a couple years now, but it eluded me again this year.  
(maybe a custom table is in my future?)

Our antique hunting group started on Friday with 6 people.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo.
Soon two more joined us, then I met up with my friend, Marian (aka Miss Mustard Seed).

Early on in the day, I found these lanterns made from tobacco sticks.  
My plan was to go back and pick up one of these at the end of the day, but I forgot.  Kirk assured me they would be a good project to make.

I could have taken this ribbon spool and holder home for the cute factor alone, or the useful factor, or the fact that the ribbon was from a tea and truffle shop in Cincinnati, 
not far from where our daughter lives.

I did find a few items on my wishlist!
Two Ironstone platters,

 and two small Ironstone pitchers.
Marian found the first one and bought it for me, :)  I found the second one. 

Not on the list was this Ironstone slop pot, a perfect spot for my plant.

 and this colander, which will probably end up holding a plant too :)

I'll post more in Gold Rush Part 2. 

It's good to be back blogging again.


Monday, July 31, 2017

Cottage Guests

You guys!  Guess who stayed at The Cottage!

Our newly hired church pastor and his family!

I'll let you read how it all came to be on his wife's website,

Many years ago I started following Marian on her Miss Mustard Seed blog.  She has inspired me with her furniture makeovers, milk paint products, decorating ... and the list goes on.  
Never, in a million years, did I ever think I would meet her, much less have her stay in my home!

It was a little surreal seeing her post pictures of The Cottage on her blog from our cottage rental on Lake Michigan.  Even more crazy to read the comments from readers!  A couple people commented on how nervous they would be to have Marian stay at their home.  While I can't say I was nervous, anxious, worried -- I can tell you this was said by Nate: "You are nesting quite a bit mom."  Of course, I was nesting!  Definitely more than usual before we leave for a vacation.  But it was fun!  I welcomed the motivation to nest -- it had been a while since I'd had the motivation to make some changes and spruce things up a bit and it felt good!  The Cottage is what it is -- still a work-in-progress, with a mile long wish list and an even longer to do list.  I knew I could make our home a comfortable retreat and place to rest for our guests -- and I went with that -- instead of worrying that it didn't look perfect -- (especially with our 4 car garage full of Nate's entire home belongings while he was staying here prior to his move)

Check out Marian's blog - not just the post on The Cottage (and their welcome to Rochester), but how they landed here in our town.  It's a great real-life story of God at work!