Thursday, October 17, 2019

Updated side table

When I interrupted my refinishing last week to give the tiered stand a new look, I also decided it was time to update a side table that was no longer giving me joy as a plain white table.
 I picked this little table up at a garage sale for $3 many years ago.  
It was dirty and had some watermarks.
The white was fine while I was in the middle of our remodel, but now it needed some color.
Our tongue and groove paneling and furniture are white.
That was too much lack of color for me.
As I started to strip the paint off the top, I realized I wasn't dealing with just a painted wood top.
The white paint lifted, but the table still had a film - a reddish tint and I couldn't lift it.  That's when I realized there was a leather top on the table that had been painted.  It wasn't salvageable.  I was happily surprised at how easily the leather piece lifted with the help of a paint scraper.
I hoped for a pretty wood under the leather.
Unfortunately, it wasn't so nice and was different types of wood in different colors.
I used a General Finishes dark walnut stain to unify the wood top color.

The bottom of the table is painted in Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Aviary.
Then finished with MMS antique wax.
I lightly sanded the beading around the top so it would stand out a bit.
The table looks so much better in this richer color and it shows up in the room now!

Tiered tray makeover

 I've been busy painting all the things lately.   Which explains the several antique pieces in our garage right now at various stages of getting a new life.  In the middle of working on 5 different pieces, I managed to get side-tracked by an idea that just couldn't wait.

I purchased this very plain tiered tray online over a year ago.  You know how it goes sometimes -- things don't always look as good in person as they do online.  I put it in my kitchen,  just didn't love it, actually, I didn't even like it.  So it was banished to the basement,- destined for a garage sale, or to be donated.

The last thing I needed was to start another project with so many unfinished ones, but when inspiration and creativity calls, I usually answer.

I had some already mixed milk paint leftover from a piece I had just finished up.  "Waste not, want not," right?  In about 15 minutes the entire stand was painted.  I gave it some dry time then applied hemp oil and wet sanded it.

As of right now, it is still on my counter.
I'm actually looking forward to doing something with it for Christmas, which is for sure better than it taking up space in our basement making me wish I had never bought it!

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Carrot White Bean Soup

Welcome new readers, I am so honored to have you join me!

Soup and fall just go together and now that fall has finally arrived in Minnesota, we are already enjoying one of our favorite soups at our house.  

Photo courtesy of Miss Mustard Seed
This Carrot White Bean soup is creamy without the use of dairy and is incredibly easy, uses very few ingredients and can be in your bowl in an hour, or on the way to a friend who could use a warm bowl of soup.

I used THIS RECIPE from Tasty Kitchen, and my friend, Marian has enhanced the recipe even further by adding a few other ingredients, which is equally as tasty!
 You can check out her version HERE.

Note:  If you are storing or transporting soup, my favorite way is to use large mason jars in 2-quart or one-gallon sizes.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Simple and Delicious Salad

Since I've been enjoying this delicious salad for months now, I think it's time I shared it with all of you.  It is very easy and uses only 5 ingredients for the salad, and two ingredients for the dressing.

For the salad:
Arugula 🔸 Cherry Tomatoes 🔸 Avocado 🔸 Pine Nuts 🔸 Shaved Parmesan

For the dressing:
Grapeseed Oil 🔸 Rice Wine Vinegar

Our garden keeps us supplied with cherry and grape tomatoes over the summer and early fall, so this is a perfect use of those tomatoes.

If you are a paper/pen person like I am, here is a printable version of the recipe: