Monday, November 02, 2015

And now there are four

We arrived in Cincy in time (Wednesday, September 23) to give a very expectant momma and daddy a little relief before baby #2 arrived, help where needed, and go to the park with a soon to be big sister!

Before baby arrived, we got in a few trips to the park and some wagon rides, dinner at Skyline, a (double) stroller put together and a toddler bedroom set up.

Then in the wee hours of the morning on September 25th Cara and Tim left their home for the last time as a family of 3, and parents of one.

Before Sydney, Papa and Nana had even had our breakfast.... 
Harrison Joseph Cappel 
arrived on the scene at 7:50 am
on Friday, September 25, 2015.
Exactly 17 months to the day that Sydney was born.

He weighed in at a whopping 10 pounds and 13.2 ounces, with a length of 21 inches!
(We grow 'em big in our family!)

Nicknamed "Moose" by one of the special care nursery nurses, our big/little guy spent a couple nights in the special care nursery while he worked on getting his blood sugars up.

 We visited the hospital twice a day -- before and after naps :)

 I think it was good for everybody!

  Sydney loved visiting momma and daddy

Nana and Papa got to visit and get to know Harrison

Sydney got to 
brush up on her stethoscope skills

and hitch a few rides through the corridors

This Papa and Nana are beyond grateful that these Cincy kids don't mind us hanging around when
babies arrive --- and always welcome our visits.
The time we are spend with them is so precious to us.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

May Days - Engagment Photos

It's May ... and we are in wedding prep mode!

Danae and Mike chose a beautiful day for their engagement photo shoot

took some amazing photos of this couple 
capturing their personality and love for each other

photos on the roof?
Sure.  No big deal.

Love that they did the photo shoot at 
The Cottage!

They plan to do a copy of this photo on their wedding day ...

Just a couple months and they will be saying
" I do "

on. this. very. spot.

Lots to do -- so much fun to be in wedding mode, and grandparenting too!

Saturday, May 03, 2014

End of the week

As the end of our week in Cincinnati neared it was time for Kirk
to have his stitches removed, so nurse Cara did the honors.

Our snuggles continued...

Smiles happened.
Maybe it was because Little One was happy
to wear a Bobcat's shirt -- which made her daddy happy.

On our last night in Cincinnati we all went out for dinner at
Eli's Barbeque -- it was outdoor dining ... so we made sure Miss Sydney was plenty warm,
and thankfully the outdoor tents were heated.

The walk back to the car -- the new daddy with his babe
and the new Papa with the diaper bag -- 

 Cara and I stayed up late on our last night together.
A new bond made.  A love deepened between mother and daughter.
And granddaughter.
Just us girls.
Laughing and crying.
Loving each other like never before.

Saying good-bye to these three loves was our hardest
"see ya later" to date.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Late night snuggles

These two.  In love with their fresh from Heaven little girl.
Melted my heart watching the two of them with their baby girl.

Time with Papa complete with dried milk on the face!

Tonight was the first of several late night snuggles with Nana 
after everyone else went to bed.
Just Sydney, Jimmy Fallon and Nana for an hour!

We had a wonderful day together.  Cara and I even managed to go or pedicures while Papa babysat!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Waking up at home

So much snuggling to do.  So little time.
So thankful that Cara and Tim are very generous with sharing their sweet girl.

First pediatrician visit

Sweet girl is wrapped around her momma's finger and forever in her heart.

 Watching the Today Show this morning, we see our friends, Brenda and Steve!